Hold Your Tongue

Recently, a teenager said, “You know, people say words don’t hurt, but they do. Words hurt.”


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Article Credit: Bessie Stewart-Banks

Have you noticed lately that in today’s society many people are saying just about any and everything without taking into consideration of how their words may harm others?  If you haven’t, I have and it has gotten to be a bit ridiculous to say the less.

While growing up there was a saying that my mother would always use when she noticed that my siblings and I were using unkind words toward one another or to other people that were in close proximity to us.  The statement goes a little like this: Everything that comes up doesn’t necessarily have to come out.

Now that I am older with an adult child and one on the brink of being an adult I find myself saying the very same thing to them.  I do so because there are so many people…

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Rose Wolfe (Living Free with disAbilities)

Let's get to the elephant first: I have myotonic dystrophy which defines my physical limitations, but it does not define me. Without the distraction of physical activities, I have found my passions: (1) Encouraging others to live more fully with fun, faith, and hope; (2) finding freedom in oil painting; (3) writing about my experiences; and (4) encouraging others to live more passionately. It is my belief that every person lives with at least one disability - for impairments are not limited to those with chronic illnesses. Many neurotypical people are psychological architects who have constructed enclosures in which they trap themselves. Mindsets, attitudes, and perceptions are fluid realities. Many of us have forgotten that it is possible how to live beyond our disabilities. Life may have challenges but faith and hope are within reach. I have made my choice: I am LivingFreeWithdisAbilities.

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