Can I have a REAL doctor please? (my latest doctor visit)

Faith McCord’s recent experience is a sad commentary on a certain subset of doctors. I am sure other individuals with chronic illnesses have stories to tell, as well.
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My doctor – the one I trusted (past tense) – earlier today, informed me I was a fraudster.

I was shocked and so was my fiance.

I normally do upbeat posts because that is how I try to be in my everyday life. This post is a true account of what happened to me today. If you wish to skip it, of course I’ll understand.


I had to have a doctor’s note for the government department that deals with my disability benefit, and since the Nasty Party is in government, disabled people are put through the wringer – I have yet another assessment, just 8 months after the last. For nine years I am disabled with severe unrelenting pain. I am barely able to walk a few steps and then I’m unable to. Neuropathy and inflammatory pain just doesn’t disappear! (I wish!!). Anyway, this doctor’s note was…

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Rose Wolfe (Living Free with disAbilities)

Let's get to the elephant first: I have myotonic dystrophy which defines my physical limitations, but it does not define me. Without the distraction of physical activities, I have found my passions: (1) Encouraging others to live more fully with fun, faith, and hope; (2) finding freedom in oil painting; (3) writing about my experiences; and (4) encouraging others to live more passionately. It is my belief that every person lives with at least one disability - for impairments are not limited to those with chronic illnesses. Many neurotypical people are psychological architects who have constructed enclosures in which they trap themselves. Mindsets, attitudes, and perceptions are fluid realities. Many of us have forgotten that it is possible how to live beyond our disabilities. Life may have challenges but faith and hope are within reach. I have made my choice: I am LivingFreeWithdisAbilities.

2 thoughts on “Can I have a REAL doctor please? (my latest doctor visit)”

    1. I gasped when I first read her re-telling of the event. The chronically ill are exposed to the good, the bad, and the ugly in doctors. I, certainly, have more than one story to tell that fall into all three categories. The strong response is probably due to gut-wrenching empathy. You make a valid point: it is unconscionable behavior. Thank you.


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