Brighter Future – fundraising – It doesn’t require a sign up, and it’s a one-time thing. Every little bit helps – even you’re next coffee?

Sometimes we need to help a friend. This time, its hands across the water for our friends in the UK.

As it Comes

In aid of CR


Before, during and after Christmas, I’ll be working hard for up and coming events and, moving forward, aim to continue to make as much money as I can all for Cancer Research UK/Breast Cancer Research to help create a future for more people.

I am calling on friends here and the writing community at WordPress for your support and ask that you either simply text BGON64 to 70070(for those here in the UK) and donate a small amount or use my donation button below (any country) to give whatever you can (even your next cuppa) to help us at Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Research.  As a breast cancer survivor, I can guarantee that your help is more than appreciated.

The Just Giving page will tell you all about my reasons and action plan.

Thank  you very much!

Anita x

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Rose Wolfe (Living Free with disAbilities)

Let's get to the elephant first: I have myotonic dystrophy which defines my physical limitations, but it does not define me. Without the distraction of physical activities, I have found my passions: (1) Encouraging others to live more fully with fun, faith, and hope; (2) finding freedom in oil painting; (3) writing about my experiences; and (4) encouraging others to live more passionately. It is my belief that every person lives with at least one disability - for impairments are not limited to those with chronic illnesses. Many neurotypical people are psychological architects who have constructed enclosures in which they trap themselves. Mindsets, attitudes, and perceptions are fluid realities. Many of us have forgotten that it is possible how to live beyond our disabilities. Life may have challenges but faith and hope are within reach. I have made my choice: I am LivingFreeWithdisAbilities.

5 thoughts on “Brighter Future – fundraising – It doesn’t require a sign up, and it’s a one-time thing. Every little bit helps – even you’re next coffee?”

  1. I prefer to donate to charities like The Doctor Hadwen Trust, or The Physician’s Committee for Safer Medicine, as they are working on developing cures for cancer using methods other than animal testing, which is a more direct way to save human lives. Cancer Research donate money for animal experiments which are very dangerous to humans, and slowing the progress of a cure.

    I hope this does not offend, as I have found this perspective often offends people. I just hate to see people generously giving to a cause which wastes people’s money. ❤


    1. I, too, disagree with the practice of using animals for research purposes. In addition, I would like to see more concern by the government in keeping our soil and water clear of chemicals, more effort by our social service agencies in children safety and well-being, and more effort by each individual in the ethical treatment of our “neighbors.”

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