Do You Feel Hopeless?

Kate Heart
The Crying Heart (by Kate at 5 years old)

Because we live in the foggy mist of our lives, we often lose perspective.  Hurrying against time, we rush from one obligation to the next.  With mobile devices always within arms reach, our minds are constantly bombarded with information.  Multi-tasking along the way, we try to fit everything into our day.

Exhausted and overstimulated, we collapse into bed.  Looking to get a good night’s sleep in too few hours.

At the same time, the world is going mad around us.  Suicide bombings, shootings at schools, angry mobs, and the use of excessive force by those paid to protect us.  The noise of fearful voices and crying eyes is all around us.

Peace seems unattainable, even by those who declare it as their battle cry.

Hopelessness hides in the corners of our minds.  We fear that its tentacles will reach out, grab our heart, and pull us into the chasm.  So, we continue to overstimulate in order to avoid our feelings.

Our dreams are fading.  Nightmares haunt us.

Do you feel the hopelessness?

I do, but I’m not.


Hope does not disappoint (Rom. 5:5)


Published by

Rose Wolfe (Living Free with disAbilities)

Let's get to the elephant first: I have myotonic dystrophy which defines my physical limitations, but it does not define me. Without the distraction of physical activities, I have found my passions: (1) Encouraging others to live more fully with fun, faith, and hope; (2) finding freedom in oil painting; (3) writing about my experiences; and (4) encouraging others to live more passionately. It is my belief that every person lives with at least one disability - for impairments are not limited to those with chronic illnesses. Many neurotypical people are psychological architects who have constructed enclosures in which they trap themselves. Mindsets, attitudes, and perceptions are fluid realities. Many of us have forgotten that it is possible how to live beyond our disabilities. Life may have challenges but faith and hope are within reach. I have made my choice: I am LivingFreeWithdisAbilities.

8 thoughts on “Do You Feel Hopeless?”

  1. A well framed picture of our times Rose. Once we give up hope…game over. Love the verse…it’s like an EpiPen for when we’re bitten by the swirling world. Faith, hope, and love…notice how hope is nestled safely in the middle. (By the way, I am multitasking in the grocery store.)

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  2. “I do, but I’m not.” Exactly. I work in a high-poverty school district, in the poorest of impoverished and violent neighborhoods, and some of the things I see people do make me wonder about my work and really, more importantly, humanity at large. Still, there’s hope. There has to be.

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  3. Humans have created a crazy, chaotic world. Yes, we need to stop awhile, reflect and rejuvenate. I feel the fear of the escalating hatred around us – but I believe it may be a necessary learning phase for humanity (the balance). I am hopeful of better things to come.

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